京の奥座敷 築200年の茅葺きの家 1棟貸し



京の奥座敷 築200年の茅葺きの家 1棟貸し

オリジナルタイトル: Traditional 200y-oHouse Outside Kyoto

Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan


203 USD


  • 一軒家
  • まるごと貸切
  • 滞在者数 8名
  • ベッドルーム数3
  • ベッド数12
  • バスルーム2.5



What is STAR Host? : STAR Hosts are experienced hosts who have met and exceeded HomeAway’s STAR hosting criteria

This is for booking of an entire house (Not booking of a bedroom).
We can only accept one group of guests at a time.

Escape from crowd and noise!!
Come and visit Kyoto's mountainous area and stay at a traditional thatched-house.

---The SPACE---

The place we live is called Keihoku. It's only 1 hour north away from center Kyoto, and you can enjoy stunningly majestic mountain and river scenery, fresh air, and meet heart-warming people.

We can also offer some unique nature tours for you.
I was born and grown up in this house, as well as his 6 generations of ancestors.

I speak English without inconvenience, thanks to my travel experience in the world.

---Guest Access---

We have four rooms that can be used as bedrooms, 2 toilets, a shower room , a bathroom(Japanese style)and a convenient kitchen, just like your house (refrigerator, microwave, toaster, gas stove, any kind of dishes, glasses).

- TATAMI ROOM: Can sleep up to 3 guests (Futon)
- TATAMI ROOM 2: Can sleep up to 2 guests (Futon)
- BEDROOM: Can sleep up to 1 guest (Semi Double Bed x1) + 1 additional guest (Futon)

- 2ND FLOOR FLOORING ROOM: Can sleep up to 7 guests (Futon)

As amenity, we offer hand / bath towels, Yukata, shampoo, body soap, hair dryer, toothbrush, razor, and laundry machine.

For your access, you can use living room, shower/wash room, toilet. As for linen, clean sheets, pillow cases, blankets and bath / hand towels are provided. All the electronics are free to use. You can cook at the kitchen!

I and my wife can give an optional experience service such as family casual cooking, trekking, and yoga training (at attic space). We have 10 sets of YOGA mats. You can enjoy practicing YOGA anytime you want. You can ride horse riding machine (called Joba) in our house. Let's enjoy exercise!

I grow various kind of organic seasonal vegetables in my own farm. You can make dishes using those vegetables by yourself or we can also help you cook in our kitchen!

As for internet, we provide free internet (Wi-Fi).

---The Day Tour---
We can take you on tours (with English guidance and transportation) for an additional fee. We organize a tour schedule with you based on what’s most suitable for you, the weather and the season.

⭐︎One Day Tour (10:00〜16:00):
6,000 yen per person.
You can choose your itinerary from the following options:
・Waterfall trekking
・Giant cedars trekking
・Visiting the shrine & temple
・Visiting the sake brewery
・Visiting the historical thatched roof house village
・Night fireflies viewing (from beginning ofJune to ed of June only)

⭐︎Special Seafood Tour:
We go to seaside to get very fresh fish and some seafood. W bring them back to our house and make very special fresh sashimi and sushi. The rate is 8,000 yen per person, plus fish fee and cooking experience charge. Local seafood is very, very tasteful and you cannot have the same experience elsewhere. Highly recommended!

⭐︎Central Kyoto tour:
If you want to go central Kyoto some temples and shrines , I can take you to central Kyoto. The rate is 8000yen per person (excluding admission fee,meals and parking fee). You can select some places from your idea.

Original Tour:
We can help you plan your own special tour!

--Getting around--
Since Keihoku is quite a large area, it is difficult to visit places just on foot (most destinations are about 5-10km away).

To get around this area, you can also rent 2 bikes for free - the supermarket and bus terminal are around only 30mins away by bike.

If you choose to do a tour with us, you can pay by credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS, DISCOVER). Depending on how long you stay with us, we can do multiple tours - it’s up to you.

---Other things we offer---
We want to make your stay comfortable and entertaining, so we offer some added extras at our place for you to enjoy, including:
・A BBQ set - having an outdoor barbeque with guests is our favorite way of dining
・10 yoga mats so you can enjoy practicing yoga any time you want
・Piano and acoustic guitar - we are music lovers!
・Japanese toys for children, so there is no boring time for the kids
・Two dogs - our Golden Retriever puppy Azuki is very cute and she loves meeting new people and making friends
・I sometimes goes sea fishing, and you can eat what he catches!
・A small farm full of seasonable vegetables, which you can harvest and eat for free

※We are working on setting up a cafe that serves light meals. When it’s ready we hope our guests will enjoy eating there. :)

---The Neighborhood Overview---

Here in Keihoku, you can put yourself in majestic nature - enjoy trekking riverside, or to waterfall or giant cedars as well as praying in peaceful temples and shrines.

However, since Keihoku is quite a wide area, it is difficult to visit places by just on foot (usually 5-10km away).


In order to come to Keihoku area, take a JR bus of Takao/ Keihoku line from Kyoto Station (terminal no. 3) via Enmachi and Nijo station. Shuzan (Syuzan) terminal is a final stop and it takes around 1 hour 20 mins from Kyoto station. It costs JPY1,180, or you can use the Japan Rail Pass.

You will get on the bus from a rear door and get off from the front door after you put your fare in the box next to a driver or show JR pass. We can pick you up at Shuzan terminal by car.

A bus timetable from Kyoto station to Shuzan final terminal:

Depart: 14:00 Arrive: 15:20
Depart: 15:30 Arrive: 16:50
Depart: 16:30 Arrive: 17:50
Depart: 17:30 Arrive: 18:50
Depart: 18:40 Arrive: 20:00
Depart: 19:20 Arrive: 20:40

The bus looks very local, but I am sure you will enjoy the scenery from the window when you come into the mountain lane (after 40mins or so).
STAR Hostとは?: HomeAwayが定めた特定のホスティング基準を満たすホストです

京都市より車で約1時間。山間の村に200年の歴史の茅葺のお家があります。丸々一棟貨で環境もゆったり。駐車場の心配もご無用。ワイワイガヤガヤ周りを気にせず楽しめます。 元々この地区の農林業従事者の7代目長男として、この家で産まれました。屋号は徳平と地域では知られております。ですからこのエリアのご質問はいつでもお受けいたします。良い情報があればお知らせします。 さて部屋の内容は、畳の間が2部屋、ベッド(1台)部屋、他に囲炉裏の間、ダイニングルーム、キッチン、シャワー・トイレの部屋、全て生活できるものは揃っております。 更に最近手作りで2階を改築し、魅力的な屋根裏部屋でヨガ、音楽、ミーティング何でもイベントとしてご利用いただけるようになっております。 茅葺家の前にはホストが昨年手作りで作った、それなりにオシャレと思える(自画自賛)カフェもあります。ご利用方法はホストにご相談ください。 収容は8人まで可能です。分かりやすく説明すると、雑魚寝なら20人程度寝れるゆったりしたスペースはあります。 自家用車で来られる方はグーグルマップで徳平庵でOK. 公的交通なら京都駅からJRバスで80分。到着時間をお知らせいただければ周山駅(終着駅)まで迎えに行きます。



  • テレビ
  • インターネット
  • WiFiネット接続
  • エアコン
  • 暖房設備
  • キッチン
  • 駐車場込み
  • 洗濯機/乾燥機
  • 浴槽
  • 屋内暖炉
  • 家族/子供連れOK
  • イベントに最適


清掃費 USD 47 (予約につき)
追加ゲスト料 USD56(2人を超える部分、一人あたり)
保証金 USD 0
保証金("Security Deposit")は、設備の損傷や紛失等に備えて、チェックイン時にホストに対して支払われ、チェックアウト時に返金されます。 ... さらに詳しく
キャンセル 厳しめ
  • 滞在開始の60日以上前に予約をキャンセルした場合は100%の返金を受ける
  • 滞在開始の30日以上前に予約をキャンセルした場合は50%の返金を受ける




No shoes
No smoking in the house


チェックイン 午後3:00
チェックアウト 午前10:00
休日の家のサイズ -
最短宿泊日数 2 泊
最長宿泊日数 30 泊

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David C


If you wish a create a magical opportunity to sink into Nature, silence and beauty, look no further. Hideo and his wife offer the restored, yet simple elegance of his family’s 200 year farm house as your nest. Since this home is in the compound with theirs it is not 100% your own, yet you have the feeling of privacy and the convenience of two friendly souls to answer questions, needs or just chat both at once. Close your sliding doors and you are alone in another time. Open them and seek your hosts and they offer what you need with charm and grace.

Please make sure to take advantage of Hideo’s knowledge of the best sites to tour in region and then relax as your friendly hosts drives, guides and charms your day away.

Bicycling in the village valley is such a treat as are walks around the neighborhood.

If you want a taste of rural Japanese life and still not too far from Kyoto, you will make this choice with SUPER HOSTS.

I totally charmed to my full delight.



This was our first trip to Japan and Hideo and his wife made our stay exceptional. The house was beautiful,spacious and very clean. They also enlightened us on several Japanese customs and prepared traditional Japanese meals for us. I ate octopus for the first time-awesome!!! We are so looking forward to going back to Japan and staying here again.



Hideo and Yukako were very gracious and welcoming hosts. The house was large enough for our group of 4 adults and 1 teenager, although another bathroom in the house would have been more convenient. The house is not luxurious but it is comfortable. My elderly parents had a daily challenge to go up and down the few steps in the house.

Hideo also led us on tours all the days of our stay, at an additional cost.



Absolutely friendly hosts who helped us enjoy our stay. Lots of conversations with our hosts during home-cooked dinners we had with Hideo-san and Yukako-san. Yukako-san was also such a great cook.
Definitely recommend their accommodation to anyone looking for a different experience in the Kyoto countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded city locations



Hideo-san and Yukako-san were extremely warm hosts and they make us feel at home. We truly enjoyed the day tours, dinner and breakfast times together as they are such jovial and funny people to chat with. The house is very well kept and maintained. It was an amazing experience being able to stay in a traditional thatched roof house, it was the highlight of our vacation in Kyoto.

Wei W


Nice place to stay. Near the famous market and shopping street. Near subway station easy for transport.



I’ve been looking forward to stay in this house when I see the pictures posted. Tokuheian is exactly as the pictures posted. Every corner is well made and preserved by the owner.

Before I arrive, I’ve contacted Hideo-san and have asked many questions before I made the reservation. He’s been very responsive, patience and helpful with all my questions. I’ve asked him where can I get a fine-dining restaurant as on the day of arrival, it’s my husband’s birthday. He’s suggested me to get something special for my important man. He’s helped me to get a birthday cake and recommended me to get some food from the supermarket to cook sukiyaki. He even offered me that Yukako-san, his wife can help me to pick some vegetables from the farm and help me to cut into pieces. I didn’t take the offer as i don’t want to interrupt their evening. The cake was nice and my husband was very happy and surprised! The only regret we had was we didn’t invite them to join us as my mother and kids were shy!

During my stay, I used the kitchen very often. We cooked sukiyaki two nights in a row. You can get very nice beef and food from the supermarket nearby. The kitchen was well equipped with all you need especially the Dish Washer which I love the most 

Thanks to the watermelon from Hideo-san. It’s so sweet just like both of them. I came with my own family together with my mother and my sister, so I didn’t spend much time with Hideo-san and Yukako-san whom I found they are very kind and helpful. I would love to spend more time with them to know more about this house and about them. The house is a reflection of the owners – very warm and unique.

I would definitely come back and stay in this house again. Highly recommend to family as the house is well equipped with all you need.



We love Tokuhei-an homestay so much that we felt so homely with premium hospitality from our best hosts and hostess, Hideo San and his lovely wife Yukako, together with their cute Azuki and Gon. We felt immediate connection with the place and surrounding since we entered Keihoku area, then magic happened the moment we stepped into this special house where Hideo called home ever since he was baby. The experience exceeds our expectations. We've never thought of having such wonderful holiday.

Thanks for the vegetables, onions and fruits picked from your farm. Thanks for the countless trips to the grocery and convenience stores. Thanks for the unforgettable tour to the magical giant cedar. Thanks for the trip to Obama for our special seafood hunting at the fish market including puffer fish, hot spring, fireflies watching, grape farm visiting and also we enjoyed your curry!!!!!. Thanks for making our memories priceless…



Is a good place to stay for hiking and if you used their tour service. If you rent a car by yourself, you might need to reach there by waze instead of the car rental GPS can't find the location. I would recommend to stay in this old house for an experience of one day but not two days to travel so far apart. Since the minimum rental is two days so you have to have extra time for travelling if you rented it.

Hideo's wife is a very helpful and nice lady.
ハイキングのために宿泊し、ツアー サービスを使用するかどうかに良い場所です。自分でレンタカーを借りる場合は、waze 用 GPS は場所を見つけることができない車のレンタルではなく、そこに到達する必要があります。1 日ですがそれほど遠く離れて旅行するない 2 日間の経験ではこの古い家に滞在する私をお勧めします。最低レンタルは 2 日間なのであなたは旅行それを借りた場合の余分な時間を持っている必要があります。

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Adrian &


Hideo and Yukako were warm and helpful hosts. My family (kids, parents, grandparents) was very happy and lucky to have stayed in their house, a very unique experience! Recommended for anyone who wants to experience living outside of the cities!
秀雄と由佳子であった温かみのある親切なホスト。私の家族 (子供、親、祖父母) 非常に幸せだったと非常にユニークな経験を自分たちの家に滞在しているに幸運!都市の外の生活を体験したい方におすすめ!
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