Furnished 3BRJBR52509

Furnished 3BRJBR52509

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




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Short stay in Jumeirah Beach situated in the heart of New Dubai is Jumeirah Beach Residence on the Walk, a lively, mile-long promenade with 200 shops, cafes and restaurants. Contemporary design, the latest technology and warm French savoir faire with an Arabic twist await you.
This self catering serviced apartment is equipped with all modern day amenities inviting you with a living room with a dining area, a fully-fitted kitchen complete with state-of-the-art facilities including microwave and oven, a bedroom with built-in wardrobes, centralized air conditioning, and round-the-clock security services. Enjoy in Dubai short stay holidays home a flat-screen satellite TV and free Wi-Fi access in all areas. A few of the other facilities that you are sure to enjoy in Bahar-4 are outside swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, private car parking, and a luxurious reception area
This is in one of most beautiful Holiday homes in Dubai which makes affordable to a villa ,enjoy a breathtaking beachfront setting, surrounded by landscaped plazas, fountains and swimming pools.
The Walk
The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is a 1.7-kilometre strip at the ground and plaza level of the complex, currently there are Around 330 occupants at The Walk, covering a wide range of services and venues, from a number of world renowned brands strewn across the stretch, to many franchised and local venues, including restaurants, clothing stores, boutiques, department stores, cafes and gyms, among many others, located over two levels Ground and Plaza.
The Beach
The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence is a retail complex being on the actual beach in front of JBR The development, comprising four distinct plazas, a collection of retail and dining outlets on the public beach of Jumeirah Beach Residence. Guests with families will also appreciate the children's water park and open lawn area, which is perfect for a picnic. The complex house a number of levels of parking as well as seventy retail and food and beverage outlets, together with entertainment facilities. Enjoy the outdoor cinema and beachfront mall.
Bluewaters Island
Bluewaters Island is a man-made island being constructed opposite Jumeirah Beach Residence. It will comprise hotels, apartments, villas, dining and entertainment facilities, and the Dubai Eye, a 210 m (689 ft) tall Ferris wheel, which would be the tallest in the world when completed.
Jumeirah Beach is also home to The Walk, Dubai's most happening outdoor destination, offering exclusive shopping, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.
Comfortably furnished vacation stay is surrounded by a host of hotels, restaurants, shopping arcades. So come and have a short stay where deep turquoise water and white sandy beaches of Dubai await you. One of the best Dubai locations you can expect for your short beach stay in Dubai. A spacious Dubai stay
holiday rental apartment ideal for both business and leisure. Enjoy glorious beaches, clear turquoise waters, breathtaking scenery, fascinating people, indulgent sights and warm hospitality to make your holiday relaxed, pleasurable and memorable.
To see why they're a top choice for families and professionals alike, explore these stunning residences now.
ニュー ・ ドバイの中心部に位置していますジュメイラ ・ ビーチでの短期滞在は、徒歩、200 のショップ、カフェやレストランで活気があり、マイルの長い遊歩道ジュメイラ ・ ビーチ ・ レジデンスです。現代的なデザイン、最新の技術とアラビア語のねじれと温かみのあるフランス機転があなたを待っています。このセルフ ケータリング サービス付きアパートメントは、ダイニング エリア付きのリビング ルームであなたを招待すべての現代設備の設置、完全装備のキッチンは電子レンジとオーブン、ワードローブの組み込み、一元的なエアコン、24 時間セキュリティ サービスと寝室など最先端の設備で完了します。ドバイの短い滞在の祝日のホーム、フラット スクリーン衛星テレビ、全域での無料 Wi-fi 回線をお楽しみください。いくつかバハール 4 で満喫することが他の施設の外のスイミング プール、設備の整ったジム、専用駐車場、これは手頃な価格、ヴィラに楽しく美しい広場、噴水、スイミング プールに囲まれて、息をのむのビーチに面した設定ドバイで最も美しい休日の家の 1 つである豪華なレセプション エリアです。ウォーク、歩くジュメイラ ・ ビーチ ・ レジデンスはレベル地面とプラザの複合体の 1.7 キロ ストリップ、現在があります周り 330 乗員ウォーク、サービスおよび世界有名なブランドの多くのフランチャイズとローカルの会場、レストラン、洋品店、ブティックなどをストレッチに散らばって数から会場の広い範囲をカバーで、デパート、カフェ、ジム、他の多くの間で地面とプラザ以上 2 つのレベルに位置しています。ジュメイラ ・ ビーチ ・ レジデンスのビーチは 4 つの異なる広場、小売、飲食店ジュメイラ ビーチ レジデンス公共ビーチでのコレクションで構成される JBR 前実際のビーチで、開発されている複雑な小売です。家族連れもご子供の水公園、ピクニックに最適なオープン芝生エリア。複雑な家の駐車場として 70 小売や飲食店があり、エンターテインメント施設と共にのレベルの数。屋外映画館、ビーチに面したモールをお楽しみください。Bluewaters 島 Bluewaters 島はジュメイラ ・ ビーチ ・ レジデンスの向かいに構築される人造の島です。それは、ホテル アパート、別荘、ダイニングしエンターテイメント施設とドバイの目、210 メートル (689 フィート) 背の高い観覧が完成したら、世界で一番背が高いだろう構成します。ジュメイラ ・ ビーチはまた、歩く、ドバイの最も排他的なショッピングを提供する起こっている屋外の先、ホテル、レストラン、コーヒー ショップ ホーム。快適な内装の休暇滞在は多彩なホテル、レストラン、商店街に囲まれています。だから来るし、深い青緑色の水と白い砂浜ドバイのお楽しみ、短い滞在します。ドバイのビーチの短い滞在に期待できる最高のドバイのロケーションの 1 つ。広々 としたドバイ滞在、ビジネスとレジャーの両方のための理想的な休日の賃貸マンション。美しいビーチを楽しむ、ターコイズ ブルーの海、息をのむ風景、魅惑的な人、寛大な観光スポット、温かいおもてなしリラックスした、楽しい、思い出に残る休暇をオフします。なぜ彼らは家族と同様に専門家のための上の選択については、「今これらの見事な住宅を探る。価格は季節によって異なる場合があります。


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清掃費 別途チャージされない
追加ゲスト料 別途チャージされない
保証金 USD 600
保証金("Security Deposit")は、設備の損傷や紛失等に備えて、チェックイン時にホストに対して支払われ、チェックアウト時に返金されます。 ... さらに詳しく
キャンセル 厳格



This is an important notice and an awareness for introduction and implementation of VAT (Value Added Tax) by the UAE government from 1st January 2018 onwards.

Federal Decree – Law No. (8) of 2017, which provides the VAT law, has already been released and the rate of VAT has been confirmed at 5%.

Therefore, we would like to inform you, as per the law Vacation Holiday Homes Rental LLC being a registered company, we are required to collect 5% VAT Tax from our guests.
Please note that as per Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), for each night of occupancy of a room at a holiday home, a Guest will have to, for a maximum of thirty (30) consecutive nights, be charged the “Tourism Dirham Fee”, and the Tourism Dirham fee will not be applicable for extension of more than one month.

A fee of $12.50 is applicable per night regardless of the maximum number of guests allowed in the property, which will be collected upon arrival.

*Pets not Allowed


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チェックアウト 午前11:00
休日の家のサイズ 1797 ft2
最短宿泊日数 3 泊
最長宿泊日数 90 泊

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We stayed in the apartment for 10 nights. Everything was as expected. We were welcomed warmly by the staff member who had to wait long for us. Still he was very friendly and patient. Overall experience with Vacation Bay is just great! Thank you again for hosting us.
What we enjoyed less was simply the view. This apartment is on the first floor overlooking the plaza level. No sea views here, but we knew that. The Wifi was available only in the living area, no reception in the master bedroom. Plus, the showers were leaking water onto the bathroom floor. These are our only down points.
The apartment is spacious and provides most you need for a good holiday. The kitchen was not equipped well enough to do some home cooking, which we did not miss since there are many restaurants around. Two parking spaces are assigned to the apartment, though one was always taken by unknown users. Parking security proved to be really helpful!
We would book through Vacation Bay again, though we would choose an apartment with sea views for the next stay in JBR.


Dear Raphael, Thank you for your thoughts and a detailed explanation. We are glad that you enjoyed the flat and its location. We look forward to hosting you again!